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First aid advice


Download BHF PocketCPR for Android or download BHF PocketCPR for iPhone.

  • new-app-abbr.jpg

    Medical Abbreviations
    Browse or search definitions of certain medical abbreviations from qualifications, initials after a professionals name, to frequently used abbreviations within medical records.
  • new-app-patient
    Instant access to our health information and find local health services near you.

  • new-app-depression
    Check for signs of depression and the severity of depression.

  • new-app-ibs
    IBS tracker
    Monitor your patterns of diet, exercise and stools to target and take action against IBS. Developed in association with The IBS Network.
  • new-app-sleepdiary
    Sleep Diary
    Monitor your sleeping patterns over two weeks, see the results in a graph and mail results to your GP.
  • new-app-weighttracker
    Weight Tracker
    Set your goal weight and track your progress with this handy app. View your progress by taking photos of yourself and sharing with friends.
  • new-app-access.jpg
    Patient Access
    Book appointments, repeat prescriptions on your mobile.

  • new-app-migraine.jpg
    Migraine Diary
    Record your migraine patterns and share them with your GP. The diary lets you track your symptoms, log possible triggers, record your medication and more.
  • new-app-diabetes.jpg
    Diabetes Manager
    Track your essential diabetes data and tailor the app to you, whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes.